About Us

TICKETBOX, is a company for the production, promotion, and administration of events and attractions that operates nationwide, established in December 2008 in Veracruz, Mexico., and is the result of vast experience and knowledge of the market, in promotion and marketing of tourism and entertainment contents.

It arises from having identified one of the great shortcomings that the public and private sectors have in the promotion and marketing of their events, an adequate distribution and sales channel with good service.

It is currently the First Ticketing Franchise that has its own model to be replicated throughout Mexico and the rest of Latin America; recognized by the Entreprenuer México Award from Entrepreneur Magazine in Spanish and Facebook as one of the 20 SMEs most Rockstars of Entrepreneurship in Mexico in 2019, as well as nominated for the Disruptor Award by the Ticketing Business Forum in Manchester, England in 2021.


TICKETBOX is the entrance to events and attractions offering a talented service.


TICKETBOX is the national and international access and reference for locals and tourists to experiences and emotions.


• Personalized service: Because person-to-person communication provides the necessary warmth in any commercial operation.

• Talent: Key personnel, intelligent, thinking, creative, who give value to the company without restriction of ideology, race, sex, and other prejudices of society.

• Support: To all entrepreneurs and organizations involved in special events and attractions, who risk their capital every day.

• Innovation: We create things that are not known in the market by taking advantage of opportunities.

• Focus: We know what we want, when and how; the goal is very clear.

• Global: We understand that information technologies embrace business in these times, so we do not object to expanding borders.

• Ethics: In the daily activities of the company towards all those involved: customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, end users.

• Social Responsibility: 100% commitment to the positioning of Mexico and the LATAM region, and the growth of its people.

Company Activity and Business

It is a business concentrator where it is championed by the sale of tickets and the production of events, from this service is derived the promotion, marketing, logistics, sponsorship management, advertising and administration of events oriented to the areas of leisure and entertainment, education, sport, art, culture, events with a cause and tourist attractions.

Questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions, please contact us at: corporate@ticketboxcorp.com. We are always open to listening to you.