Preguntas Frecuentes

I am an event organizer and/or director of an amusement park…. What should I do to sell my tickets through TICKETBOX?

Please contact us at and our sales team will be in touch.

I can't go to the payment page.

Your internet settings may prevent online payment. Try on your smartphone without using Wi-Fi to isolate the problem, or try another web browser on your computer.

I want to give my ticket to a friend.

You can transfer your tickets to another person using your TICKETBOX account. The recipient must register their email in TICKETBOX to download the transferred ticket. The transferred ticket(s) will be removed from your account.

I want to know details of the event such as program, venue, food options.

If the information you are looking for is not in the event file, please contact the Event Organizer. You can message the Event Organizer directly from the "Contact Organizer" button on the event page.

Can I change the name associated with a ticket after I have purchased it? Can I change the name associated with a ticket after I have bought it?

Absolutely! Once you're logged in, go to the "My Tickets" page and click "Rename" next to the ticket you want to reassign.

How do I pay for my tickets?

We currently accept all major credit and debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, among others. For some events PPS payment is also available.

Why should I put a name (how it appears on the official identification – INE or Passport) on each ticket I buy?

Basically, we must do everything we can to stop ticket sales and any type of ticket fraud. By making sure you are who you say you are, we can eliminate the black market as much as possible, which is good news for everyone. In Mexico we all have identity documents, so the solution is simple. How lucky we are!

I never received my email confirmation. I'm not sure if I bought them yet in time.

If the time limit expired before you completed your ticket purchase and you didn't receive a confirmation email, it's unlikely that your payment went through. However, remember to check your spam folder to see if the confirmation email is there, as well as log in to your "My Tickets" page in TICKETBOX. Your purchased tickets will appear there, if they were purchased successfully.

I bought a ticket but I can't see it/find it, even though I click on Download Tickets. Aid!

If the ticket does not download automatically it means that the ticket may not have been purchased correctly. To verify this, log in and check your "My Tickets" page to see if the ticket is listed. Otherwise, the ticket has not been purchased. If so, you can download the ticket directly from that page (just click "Download Tickets"). If you think there is another problem, please contact us by submitting a request.

What official identification should I bring with me?

Your INE credential or your passport are the best identification documents that exist, and since it is very likely that you already carry one of the two, you should not present any problem! If you come from another country, don't stress, just be careful. Make sure you bring some form of formal/official identification (passport, driver's license, etc.) Remember, in all cases, it is very important that the name on your ticket matches exactly what is written on your ID, i.e. Don't use nicknames if that's not what's in black and white on your ID. It will only cause problems at the door and you will not be able to enter. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Do we all have to enter the venue together at the same time if I bought tickets for some friends?

Not fortunately. Each ticket has an individual name associated with it, so just make sure you have the correct name on each ticket and that each person is in possession of their ticket, you can email the ticket you purchased directly to your friend or simply print it out for them and pass it on any time before the show.

What does it mean when they ask me to put my name as it appears on the official identification?

This refers to the importance of the name appearing on your ticket exactly matching the name written on your ID. For example, if your name is Juan López and all your friends call you Juan López, but your ID indicates that you are Alberto Juan López Reyes make sure you write “Alberto Juan López Reyes” on your ticket and NOT Juan López.

Can I transfer my ticket to my smartphone?

Yeah! Transfer the PDF to your phone and use the PDF viewer on your phone.